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Clay & Marble and Tiles


> Use of sludge in agricultural fertilization complicated by tightened regulations

> Failure to observe the statutory hygiene standards with the conventional filtration process

> High costs for the required downstream sterilisation of the filter cake due to the high energy expenditure


> Development of the LENSER Ultra Dry procedure, a combination of steam pressure dehumidification and conventional vacuum contact drying in one device

> No need for an additional dryer

> Option to modify existing facilities with reasonable expenditure

> Sterilisation and drying of filter cake at low temperatures in the filter press


> Low investment costs for the Ultra Dry system and little space required

> Increase of the filter cake's dry solids content from 40% to 99%

> Reduction of transportation costs

> Possible use of filter cake as secondary raw material in refuse incineration

> Reduced maintenance costs due to lower process temperatures

Area of Application in Ceramic Industry
Filter Press : CER6060A-C-20 Automatic
Filter Press Size : 1500 MM X 1500 MM
No of Plate : 21 Nos.
No of Chambers : 20 Nos.
Structure : Automatic with PLC, Pullback cylinder

Mine, Minerals & Metal

Iron Ore Beneficiation, Manganese Ore Concentrate Dewatering, Coal Washery , Steel plants & Refinement of various non-ferrous metals and precious metal

Filter press for iron one mining

Area of Application in Mining
Filter Press : CER6060A-C-100 Automatic
Filter Press Size : 1500 MM X 1500 MM
No of Plate : 101 Nos.
No of Chambers : 100 Nos.

Filter press for coal washery


Gluten, Fine fiber, Liquid glucose, Maltodextrin , Dextrose, Sorbitol & Corn Fiber


> Premature breakdown of membrane filter elements made of polypropylene due to high chlorine loads

> Pressure differentials and plate breakages caused by uneven chamber filling due to blocked filter channels


> Testing and selection of new materials to prolong service life and reduce the influence of chlorine

> Modification of filter element design in respect to avoiding the use of corrosion-resistant, expensive precious metals

> Use of support/distribution rings for process optimization

> Modification of filter cloths with respect to the prevention of cake formation in feed ports


> Cost reduction through considerable increase of membrane service life

> Better and more even filling of the chamber

> Improvement of cake release

> Homogenous and dry filter cake

Area of Application in Starch
Filter Press : CER4848A –C-50 Motorized Hydraulic
Filter Press Size : 1200 MM X 1200 MM
No of Plate : 51 Nos.
No of Chambers : 50 Nos.
Structure Motorized Hydraulic

Edible Oil

Filter press application in edible oils filtration. Filter press is used for Palm Oil, Ricebran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Mustard Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil &Cocoabutter. Our Filter Presses are running successfully in oil mill industries in India & abroad.

Rice Bran oil

Palm oil

ready-mix sludge

Filter press application in ready-mix sludge filtration. For dewatering ready-mix sludge we have installed our filter press at ACC LTD India (8 sites) &RDC Concrete (India) Pvt. Ltd.


cake of ready mix

Filter Press For Readymix

Video of cake & Filtrate

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